Olympus is a 2 player arcade game where you and your opponent face off in a dodgeball match as one of four characters from Greek mythology. Choose your character, a stage, and the amount of balls to appear on the court and then battle for glory in a best of 5 match. Each character has a unique special ability which they gain once they enjoy a cold beer specially brewed by River Styx Brewing, who this game was made in collaboration with!

There is only one copy of this game in existence, which is installed in a cocktail cabinet located at River Styx Brewing. Take a trip with a friend to their tap room to try their amazing beer and the game. Make sure to bring your quarters; it’s $0.50 per play!



  • Producer


  • Co-Creative Director


  • Gameplay
  • UI
  • Arcade Inputs including Coin Acceptor

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